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Blueberry PDF Form Filler is a free downloadable desktop program that enables you to fill in PDF
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19 August 2009

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With many PDF forms being available with several websites, not all of them have active fields for filling up the requested information. Often, in such a situation, you’d have to print the non-fillable forms and subsequently fill them up by hand, which is quite time-consuming and of course hassling. If you’re confronting difficulty in filling up your PDF forms, then Blueberry PDF Form Filler program is what can help you get through. It’s an easily usable tool that allows you to fill-up your PDF forms, regardless if their format. The program can even supports the PDFs forms that cannot be filled using Adobe Reader. Whether it’s for insurance claims, invoices, mortgage applications, employment applications, order forms, etc, you can fill up as many forms as you require using the utility. It’s a user-friendly desktop tool that easily can be operated effortlessly by any user.

The GUI of Blueberry PDF Form Filler application is structured decently and comprises of easygoing tool-set for carrying out the PDF form filling task. The left panel of the program displays the options for form filling. For filling up the form, load your form into the program, where it would be presented over the middle right area of the interface. Now, you simply have to select the check boxes and fields for activating to enter the information. When you’re through with the selection process, click over the Fill Form button for entering text. While preparing to enter the details, you can even define Field Properties by altering the Font Size, Font Type, and alignment. Exactly below the Fields Properties, the utility presents Pages tab with each page queued up with page numbers. Along with this, you can set the page zoom level, and also modify program options through the feature provided within menu bar.

Blueberry PDF Form Filler aids you in filling up the PDF forms with non-active fields. Owing to the smooth and easy features followed by prompt and striking performance, the utility is found to deserve 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Blueberry PDF Form Filler is a free downloadable desktop program that enables you to fill in PDF forms, regardless of what format they're in - even PDFs that can't be filled in using Adobe Reader! There are over 20 million PDF Files on the web, and over half constitute some kind of printable form - from insurance claims, mortgage applications, invoices, order forms, employment applications, and so on. As you will have realised, many PDF forms are not editable by Adobe Reader. The traditional way of filling in these non-fillable PDF forms is to print them off and then fill them in by hand. Painstaking and time-consuming, I'm sure you'll agree, and the result is never as good as you'd like. We decided to do something about it, and created Blueberry PDF Form Filler as a free to use desktop utility for everyone. Sure, there are other products out there that that can fill in PDF forms - but they always come with a downside. Some only allow PDF forms to be filled in online, or required you to register first, or to get an account, or they ask for payment up front. By contrast, this is a small, easy-to-use desktop program that can be downloaded and used completely freely to fill in any PDF form you might be sent. Download it free from
Blueberry PDF Form Filler
Blueberry PDF Form Filler
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